Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Organizing around - Haircare products

Get your #haircare
products organized!

Organizing is such an important activity, especially when it comes about out beauty, haircare etc. products.

That's why I've decided to write about this kind of organization.

Let's start with the haircare products.

Organize your styling products!

From left to right:

Londa ultrastrong hairspray;
HairX 'Supreme Hold' hairspray;
HairX 'Curls&Waves' hair mousse;
HairX heat protection spray;
Avon Kids detangling spray with watermelon&kiwi.

All the things from the 'bottom' of the box are hair curlers&curling accessories. And, on the right, all of my hairstyling brushes.

From left to right:

Paddle brush (for drying) from Dove;
Cushion brush by Advance Tehniques - Avon (for everyday use);
Round brush from Oriflame (for curls&volume);
A damage-free tease brush (for tapping);
And a sectioning brush (for parting).

All of the above are part from the Rowenta for Elite Model Look 14-in-1 Multi Styler set.

Read more here.

My old but gold hair dryer is absolutely amazing!

Now let me ask you a question:

Am I the only one who hates drying her hair without wearing a collar?

Well, I hope so that the answer is no
Because I hate feeling wet hair on clothes. Besides, sometimes, my hair is falling (especially after washing it) and all of my T-shirts get covered with it. -.-

That's why I've got this protection collar by HairX.

Hair extensions!

And I'm wearing them almost all of the time. 
I've got them in two different shades: choclate brown and cedar

I also love perfect curls

As I'll get more stuff for haircare & hairstyling, I'll post pics here on blog. 

Until then, I'm saying goodbye, and see you soon with a new post: 'How to #Organize your beauty products'. 





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