Monday, February 23, 2015

Denim Mania

Jeans. Jackets. Shorts. Vests.
All denim.

The Denim Mania is very common nowadays.

From jeans, shorts and jackets to vests, shirts and even sneakers - ALL denim!

In case you were not a huge 'fangirl' of denim stuff before, now it's time to pass them on your To Buy List, because they're a must have this spring!

1. Jeans

No matter who you are, you definitely own some pairs of jeans.
What I like about jeans is that you can wear them with anything: shirts, T-shirts, blouses, jumpers, etc. Choose the ones you like the most!

I personally prefer ripped jeans at the moment.
I mean, just look at them, how can they look this perfect? 

If you'd like some colorful ones instead of these, or just 

something more 'special', here are some tips for you 

Mint jeans 
These are absolutely fabulous! 

And these ones, in case you're the addept of animal print  

2. Denim Jackets 

Both for girls and guys, denim jackets are perfect! 


Left: Denim Jacket for Guys 
Right: Denim Jacket for Girls 

3. Shorts

Well, summer is slowly coming, so, if you don't own a pair of denim shorts yet, you should go fast to your favorite store and get some for yourself! 

I've also found these ones, I thought you may like them:

Denim shorts with etno print

♡ Denim

BSK Denim Shirt
*Ignore my T-shirt please, I've been at a funny school competition*
P.S: I have lots of denim clothing pieces (and also, pics with me wearing them) but I'm too lazy to look for them in my computer. :'(

Latest stuff
I've got

This round brush from Oriflame;
The Feet Up Summer Blist Edition footspray & soap

As you can see, my nails have grown pretty much so I started painting them.

O.P.I - I Jus't Can't Cope-Acabana
Well, that's it for today readers!
I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!

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