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Valentine's Day | Gift Ideas

Hello everyone!

Well, I've changed my mind. It seems like I didn't have so many work left for this post, so I'll finish it now.

Gift ideas for Him & for Her

This article is actually more like a list of ten things you should buy for your girlfriend/boyfriend, for Valentine's Day.
The list is made by me, and it includes my personal ideas (the stuff I'd like to get).

Let's start!

Matching watches

I'd personally love to get a watch (especially if it matches with my pair's watch) ! 
I don't know why, but I find this idea so cute, so it's definitely on the list. 
P.S: if your boyfriend is a watch-obsessed person (like my father :)) ), he'll be so happy! 

A huge teddybear

I'd love to be in the place of the girl from the photo.
A huge teddybear will definitely make your girlfriend happy! <3

A cute ring

A ring like the ones from the above is between the cutest things a girl can ever get. ;)

This kind of T-Shirts

I think the idea is so creative & so romantic. 
How can you make them? 
It's easy!
Buy two white T-shirts, go with them to a typography, explain your idea (eventually, make a sketch and give it to them). That's it!
Your love will really appreciate your gift!

Another kind of cute matching blouses:



If you're both smokers, you can also add a pack of Sobranie cigarettes for each other:

Black Russian for Him;

White Russian for Her.

Matching phonecases

Of course you won't wear them all the time. But don't forget that Valentine's Day is about you two! <3

A good perfume

For Her: Princess by Vera Wang <3

For Him: Bleu de Chanel

You're spending you're free time with each other, so feeling your favorite fragrance on him/her is also a gift for you,too!

A big box of sweets

No matter if you're a girl or a boy. Sweets are sweets! <3

P.S: I'm a Kinder-addicted person :)).


I don't know why people feel ashamed when it comes about lingerie. Everyone's wearing it. A cute set is always welcome!

Flowers. Lots of flowers.

There are so many choices - from red to black!
Choose the ones you think that 'match' the most with your girlfriend. 
You'll definitely make her happy with a huge flower bunch!

Perfect bouquet <3
That's it for the 'Valentine's Day Gift Ideas' topic.
I hope you enjoyed it & that my ideas inspired you.


Don't forget...

That a meal in two is also a gift! ;) 
Check out the Valentine's Day - Food (ideas) post!

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See you tomorrow, with the 'Dating Places' post!


Me & my husband in the future :))

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