Thursday, February 26, 2015

Short Post | New Stuff

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not posting yesterday but I've got home late because of school/math classes and I've been too tired to write so I've just layed in my bed and watched the new Pretty Little Liars episode.

Today I've got a new phone! <3

iPhone 5C <3

Next, I've got two pretty scarves:

The first one is more like for springtime; and the second one is more warm, but I'll still keep it for my spring outfits cause I love it!

P.S: They're both from Art Decor, a small boutique in my town where you can buy jewerly and accessories.

Remember my 2015's To Buy List, where i was talking about hair extensions? 

Here they are!

I need them only for lenght, so I've got only 4 clips.

And those are my iPhone 5 phonecases. I've got both of them by accident, thinking they were for iPhone 4, but now I can finally use them! <3

See you soon!

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