Friday, February 6, 2015

Favorite stores & websites

Top 15 amazing stores & websites to buy from <3
(Romanian & worldwide)

#1: Beauty


Well I guess almost every country has an Avon website.
Here's the list with all the Avon markets. (most of them have the link attached, too).


Same story about Oriflame.
Here's the list with all of the Oriflame markets.

P.S: As a consultant, I can tell you that almost all of the products worth it, they are really good!

Yves Rocher

Even though it's a French company, if you visit their website (Yves Rocher), a list is going to appear, including all the countries where they've got a store.

P.S: You can also find a consultant/representative (Avon, Oriflame and Yves Rocher consultants, I mean) who lives nearby, so she (or he) will order your things, and you'll only have to pay for them. :)


Sephora, where beauty beats! <3
No doubt, Sephora is the most popular beauty store in the world.
You can find it in almost every mall, and they have a lot of products. :)
Website: Sephora


Just like Sephora, Douglas is a very popular beauty store. (at least here, in Romania).
They sell a lot of products from 'popular brands' (Chanel, Dior, Calvin Klein, O.P.I, and also fragrances by celebrities etc.).
(this is the Romanian one, but at the bottom of the site, you can find a list with the rest of the countries where Douglas exists :)) ).


If you're Romanian, this is, in my opinion, a very good website to shop professional products from.
Website: Tienda

(1001cosmetics, in English)

This is another Romanian website, but they sell really good products. :) I've got my makeup palette and the mascara & eyeliner pen set by essence from here.

#2: Fashion

Jewerly stores


Accessorize is definitely one of my favorite jewerly/accessory stores! <3
I've got bags, pencil cases, pants, earrings, pens, mirrors, purses, stickers and so much more from here since I 'discovered' it. <3
Website: Accessorize


Claire's is another cute jewerly/accessory store. <3
In my country, they've opened the first Claire's store only last year, in 2014, so I don't have so many things from there (yet), but I still think it's one of the best! <3

Special award for Art Decor, a small boutique in my town, from where I get most of my necklaces/bracelets/earrings & co! 
If you'll ever visit Dej, you most go check it out! :))


New yorker

New Yorker is definitely my favorite clothing store from all the times! <3
Most of my clothes are from here. They're all cute & kinda cheap, check their website here!


Another amazing clothing store is Bershka! (both for guys and girls <3).
Website: Bershka


The third place (on my favorite clothing stores list) is taken by Terranova. <3
Check out their website: Terranova


It's a Romanian website, but you can still check it out (especially if you live here, of course):

And a similar one:

These were my favorite beauty & fashion stores. 
I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know your personal faves in the comments section! :)

See you soon!

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