Sunday, May 3, 2015

Brace yourselves, summer is coming


*short off-topic*

Hello everyone!
Looks like we haven't seen each other in a while - so let me say #hello again. Sorry for being gone in the past two months but I had a lot of things to do (shopping and watching TV shows)

Doesn't matter.
The point is that I'm back. And I've prepared a new post for you guys.




Keep calm,
next month is June!

You know what that means?

-you must find the perfect swimsuit;
-you have to speed up your cardio exercises;
-you have to pick the ideal holiday location;
-but, most of all, you have to refresh your closet!

#1st issue:
Summer closet

On what should we focus:

-pretty little dresses;
-denim stuff mixed w/ lace;
-cool prints.


I :

Floral prints

Aztec/Zigzag prints

Yellow dresses




Denim + Lace 

Denim shorts
Lace shorts


Find me on Polyvore.





*OMG, that color*

No matter where you wear them, jumpsuits are awesome clothing pieces. You can wear them as everyday outfits, at the beach, on formal dinners, even at parties.

Everyday/beachwear jumpsuit
Black&white jumpsuits, for casual events
Get everyone's attention wearing one of these sparkly jumpsuits at the club



#Cool prints

This kind of animal print is an amazing choice for the summer (because of its #vibrant colors)!
Aztec print, shall I say more?
Well, I guess galaxy print shouldn't miss from your closet, neither.

I guess this is enough for today, but don't worry, I'll get back soon with a new post.

See you soon!

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