Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Post!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

As I promised, today I'm going to show&tell you how my Valentine's Day was.
There's nothing left to say as a 'beginning', so let's start!

I don't have any picture with my complete outfit cause I didn't really had time to take photos; but I have worn this pink H&M jumper with this cute, girlish, flower-power necklace, and a black skirt with black tights, of course.

I've curled my hair with a hair straightner & aluminium foils, and of course that I have used my HairX products (which are really awesome!), but, the hair tutorial video is left for another time, I really didn't have time for that, sorry! :'(

Next, I have made a cute breakfast & a heart-shaped choclate cake for my love <3 ( with a little help from my mom :)) )

This is what I used to cut the heart-shaped cheese and salami:

Cutters for a romantic breakfast, both from Avon
 I've got these amazing thingies from Alecs <3
He really knows me in every way!

1) A big, red teddybear <3
2) A box of my favorite choclate, Ferrero Rocher <3
3) And the most awesome of all, a hair styler with 14 accessories <3

The set includes:

1) A hair straightner, which has a crimp side, too
2) Three hair stylers
3) 4 clips (yeah, now I have 6, two from Avon + these :)) )
4) A spiral and a curly hairstyler 'accessory'
5) Two pretty hair clips

Justin Bieber's Girlfriend + Coco Mademoiselle
And idk, a pic of my two fragrances that I have used today :)) <3

Well, that's it for today. I hope your day was as gorgeous as mine! 

See you soon!

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