Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day | Outfits

Hello everyone!

As I promised yesterday, here's the second post from the #BeMyValentine category: Outfits! <3

*In case you missed the first post, you can read it here.*

Well, I've created five Valentine's Day outfits for you on Polyvore and I'll post all of them here,on blog. 

P.S: I'll leave a link with my Polyvore profile at the end of the article [again :))], so I won't have to post links for all of the stuff I've used in the sets.
*I know, I'm too lazy*

Let's start!


This outfit is kinda formal & elegant, so I guess it's made for a "romantic dinner", or something like that.

Favorite piece: the Moschino bag

P.S: You can mix a pink lace blouse with a pink skirt instead of the dress.*obvious, the dress doesn't even look like a 'one-piece'*


This one is even more feminine than the first one. Just combine a basic white shirt with a pink skirt and some white stilettos & add some accessories!

Favorite piece: the necklace 


Now this is what I call a cute, romantic & stylish outfit. The reason ain't because it's made by me; it's because of the pink & floral print combination. This lovely heart-shaped bag and the amazing stilettos just complete the look 'till perfection. <3

Favorite piece: the stilettos

...but these aren't actually outfits

Couldn't avoid these! All from Agent Provocateur.

I prefer the third one.
Which one is your favorite?


This is a comfy look, in case you spend your Valentine's Day at your love's home. I had to put that pink thing in the background, cause else the jeans seemed invisible because of their color. :))

Favorite piece: the Too Faced blush <3 (need it)

Let's pay a little attention for boys!

This kind of outfit is perfect for every guy.
Honestly, I don't understand why do guys these days prefer all those colorful "YOLO" shirts,caps and all that. I don't wanna sound as an old fashioned person (because I'm not), but I'd appreciate this kind of outfit way more.

Well, whatever. If you want to make a good impression, take my advice and dress like this. Of course, not everyday, but at least on the 14th of February. I'd personally prefer a special date at a cute restaurant (or any instead of anything else ... because special occassions deserve special memories! *yeah, special x100*

And yes, I know I've used black jeans in this set instead of pleated pants. But it's not the pants material that matters. It's the idea.

I've created all the looks of the above on Polyvore.

Check my Polyvore profile:

Well that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it!
Which outfit you prefer the most? Tell me in the comments section!
Dont forget that soon, a new Valentine's Day post is coming!

See you soon!

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