Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick Post

Hello everyone!

I won't post the new #BeMyValentine article today because I didn't finished organizing it yet, and now, honestly, I'd prefer to keep reading the Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins. It's really exciting!

But don't worry - all of the Valentine's Day posts are coming soon!
+a hair tutorial video!
Oups, that was meant to be a surprise. Well, whatever. 
Lots and lots of new stuff coming soon. I've kept all the good ideas in my mind. 

By the way, tomorrow I'm going to Cluj and I'd like to get a faux fur vest, just like this one <3 :

It's from Bershka, and I've seen it last time I was there. I hope I'll still find it :'( 

Next, I've been thinking about getting a skin tanner cream.
I don't know what to say, cause I've never been using skin tanner before. But now I have to, because I want to keep my choclate skin until summer. I hope everything is going to be (and look) fine ... :))

Well, that's it for today, I know this was a short post but I promise, I'll revenge tomorrow. 

See you soon!

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