Thursday, January 22, 2015

Random Post

Hello everyone!
Today was a good day <3.
First of all, me & my best friend (Helga), ordered two amazing books & we can't wait for them to come! <3 (I'm talking about the first & second book from the 'Hunger Games' series, by Suzanne Collins).

Today I watched the last episode of AHS Freak Show ... And I got confused.
It was a good season and all that ... But the finale was ... I don't know ... confusing. It wasn't what I expected, honestly.
I won't tell you what happened because maybe there are some AHS fans who didn't watched it yet. But I guess I'm not the only one who's confused about it.

Next, I got my package from Oriflame. <3 And I got the hairspray I've been talking about on Sunday; the nail polish remover and that shower gel. <3 And they're all awesome!
Right now I'm browsing the C2 Catalogue and there are a lot of cute things I need ... <3 But I'll show you later, not now :)).

I know it has been a short post, sorry ... But I've been learning since now for my physics test, which I'll have tomorrow. :'( 
Wish me luck, please, cause I have to get a 10 (A) :'( 

BTW, I got in love with this song <3 

Song name: Nino Black - Dat Chewin'

Maybe I'll go to a catalogue release tomorrow, so... See you tomorrow evening!


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