Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FAVORITES | January 2015

Hello everyone!
I've just got home and I'll post the first part of my 'FAVORITES' list.
As I've told you yesterday, I'll keep posting in this category once in a month. The first part is obviously about this month's favorites. Let's start!

I personally love this cute little baby pink fluffy cardigan <3
Get it here.

Another cute & cozy cardigan is this mint one <3
Get it here
If you don't like the mint one, they've got the same model, but in another color.They both look cute, but I'm into mint things now :)).

These cute blouses with polka dots are both from Mango. I actually think they look so cute & girlish, and they're perfect for this month <3
Get them from Mango.

This jumper with a cat face looks absolutely adorable. <3
I don't know from where should you get it because on the official website they're already sold out.

Well, this neon pink jumper's color doesn't really 'match' with the season, but it looks cute and it's pink, so there are already enough reasons for us to buy it. <3
Get it here: same story as the one of the above.

I love this hoodie <3
Tiger print + faux fur = lovely & cozy!
Get it from New Yorker.

I would wear this blouse actually more at school & home, but I still think it looks adorable.
It's from a German store, called Conley's.

I got in love with this jacket. Love at first sight, I could say <3.
Get it from New Look. (I definitely will, if I find it!)

A faux fur west is definitely on my winter wishlist. I've seen one at Bershka a month ago or so, and I can't wait for season sales so I can finally get it! <3
Get this one here.

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks that pleated pants look good on women, too.
This pair is absolutely amazing!

Honestly, I've got obsessed with feather skirts. And also with this one. But if I'll get brave enough & buy one to wear for myself, it will be a colorful one, I guess. I mean, not one which looks like this.
Why should you get it now?
Because it's still winter & it's cold outside, so it won't look that ridiculous if you wear it with some tights when you go somewhere where you should dress more casual. For example, I find wearing a feather skirt more awkard in the summer time, because of the hot weather.
You should find one at Stradivarius, because that's the last place where I've seen one.

A pair of earrings like these look so expensive & elegant, and they match with a green dress, like the sparkly one I've shown you in the 'Four amazing dresses for New Year's Eve' post, if you remember.
You can get them from any ... 'fashionable' jewerly shop.

I find this skirt so cute & girlish. It's definitely a must have in every princess' wardrobe.
Get it from New Yorker.

If you'd like to get a pair of military shorts (well, actually, any kind of shorts), now it's the time. Why? Because soon all the summer clothes will have huge sales!

Yes we do! 
What day is today? Yes, you're right. Pink day <3
If you find this beanie somewhere, please tell me. Especially if you're Romanian and you've found it on a Romanian website (or store). 

These sparkly shoes look awesome! <3
I've seen a pair which looks like this at New Look, and at a small boutique in my town.

These Dr. Martens look alike boots are...<3
Get them from New Yorker. I've got the same pair, but red, not pink.

This hat looks so adorable!
Get it from Claire's.

These black sparkly UGG's are awesome. Get them now, before it's too late!
Find them at any nearly UGG store.

Well, these have been my favorites from January 2015.
I hope you enjoyed it!

P.S: I've seen this amazing Audi R8 V10 pic on 9gag. Holy Jesus Christ <3 !

BTW: I guess you noticed that I didn't post a website/store for every single clothing piece or accessory, but some of them were already sold out (on Polyvore) and that's where I've found the pics, so, yeah, I was too lazy to look for them on the internet & post a link from where you could get them. Sorry! :'(

Well, I'm going to watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars now.
Bye readers!

See you tomorrow!

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