Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Lips

The 'Baby Lips' lipsticks by Maybelline NY are definitely my favorite ones. Honestly, I find them better than Nivea lipsticks or anything else, because their price is kinda small (3$ or so), and they're actually really good . I mean, they leave your lips soft, and most important of all, your lips won't be sticky after using. They also smell good (not all of them, but a few, for example the 'Pink Punch' one), and there are both transparent, both colorful (red,pink etc) ones. 

Baby Lips - colors
For the moment, I own 5 lipsticks by Baby Lips: the "Cherry Me" , "Hydrate" , "Peach Kiss" , "Intense Care" , and, my favorite one, the "Pink Punch" . 

Here are some photos of them, which you've already seen, but I'm too lazy to take other ones.

 From left to right: Peach Kiss, Hydrate, Intense Care and Cherry Me.

All of the ones I own, all of the above (from the first pic) + 'Pink Punch'  (second pic)

P.S: R.I.P. to my cute, old kitten pencilcase from Accessorize, it was definitely my favorite one from all times.

I know that 5 isn't that much, but I don't really know any place from where I can get more. But I hope someday my Baby Lips collection will look like this:

And I also hope I'll find some eos to buy soon. 

As soon as I will get more Baby Lips or anything else, I'll post pics with it/them on Instagram, Facebook and here on blog, so don't miss it! For now I can't find any other ones, but I'm sure I will find new Baby Lips or eos somewhere, even if it will be just only one  which I don't own yet.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it. I wanted to write this post because I'm a huge Baby Lips & also Maybelline NY fan. 

See you soon!

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