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About Oriflame

Oriflame Sweden
Look great, have fun, make money!

Hello everyone!
I've decided to write a post including everything you should know about Oriflame. As you know, I'm an Oriflame consultant (since October 2014), and I keep buying Oriflame products every month. Well, I'm going to tell you everything about how this 'business' works, how's it like to be a consultant, and stuff like that. Let's begin!

What is Orifalme?

Oriflame is an international cosmetics company, which uses multi-level marketing to sell directly to customers. The company sells personal care, accessories and nutritional products.

Oriflame offers you three ways to transform your life:

#1: Look Great

The slogan ('Natural Swedish Cosmetics') captures the essence of their complete portofolio of unique, innovative products inspired by nature, often including natural ingredients and developed using the latest scientific technology to make you look great.

#2: Have Fun

As a consultant, you can enjoy Oriflame cosmetics and share the best cosmetics, accessories or wellness products with your friends and family!

You can also:

-meet new people
-make new friends
-be recognised for your achievements
-enjoy beauty events & lots of excting activities (make up sessions, catalogue releases etc.)
-help others to grow as you build your own team

#3: Make Money

You can become an Oriflame consultant anytime.
As a consultant, you can show the latest catalogue to your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, etc. , take an order and earn money immediately. You can build your own team by inviting people (especially girls) you know to become Oriflame consultants.
There are no limits or risks.


How do I become a consultant?

Anyone can become an Oriflame consultant, at anytime.
You just have to contact an Oriflame consultant you already know, or your local Oriflame office. You can also register online (at your country's  official Oriflame website). After you have completed your consultant application form you will recieve your Oriflame membership. 

Get started

After you recieved your Oriflame membership, you should buy(or get) a Starter Kit which includes the basic tools that you will need as a consultant: some presentational material about Oriflame; catalogues and product samples which will be helpful when you start your own Oriflame 'business'.

My advice for beginners

You should find a consultant from your town, who lives close to you, so she(or he) will help you & answer all your questions. I was so lucky  to meet a very nice woman who taught me everything I need to know about Oriflame, and who always answers my questions.

How do I order the products I'd like?

It's very easy. 
#1: You have to create an account at your country's official Oriflame website. Then, you can use the 'Quick Order' (I don't know if that's how it appears on other websites, but on the Romanian one that's how we call it) and write the codes of every product you'd like to order.

For example:

If you'd like to order the Power Shine Lip Crayon (for example, the 'Darrling Pink' one), you'll write '30392' in the code box.

Be careful!
...when you type the codes.

 #2: After typing the codes, check the products you've added again and see if all the products are in stock. If there's something which isn't available to order at the moment, it will be shown on your 'Back Order' list.
After that, complete all the details (adress etc) for the delivery. That's something you do only once; because the site will remember your adress (or the local Oriflame center's adress), and you'll change it only if you need to.

#3: Finish your order. You'll receive soon a mail from Oriflame containing the date when your products will come, and the digital invoice.

#Payment methods

After recieving the products, you have 18 days to collect the money from all your friends who have ordered something, and pay.
I don't know how the payment works in other countries, but here, in Romania, we have to find a nearly place where they have PayPoint, get there with the invoice and pay. That's it :))

Last thoughts

Honestly, I'm so happy I joined the Oriflame team because it's super easy & fun and I've got a lot of  really good & cheap products since I've become a consultant.

Join the Oriflame team now!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I'll answer.
That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!

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