Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lazy Sunday | Oriflame C1 Sales

Good morning! <3
at 3 PM xD

Hello everyone! I know it's almost 3PM but I woke up at 11:30 and I've been too lazy to write.
I've went out with my mom and with my dog, I just got back home.
This morning I've seen a lovely documentary about bears. They were so adorable; the whole documentary revolved around the story of two little bears and their mother. The little ones were so cute while playing together, and their mother watched them from far. Seeing their mom being so careful and protective literally made my day. <3 I think I'll watch more documentaries from now, I never thought they can be that interesting.

The bear family from the documentary looked just like this one <3

By the way, I had a weird dream tonight. I dreamt that I lived in a huge house with my parents and we had 7 or 8 dogs beside Galus; and they were not 'normal' dogs, for example, one of them was purple :)). And yeah, the house was haunted and only I could see all the weird creatures which lived in here. *I know it sounds strange, but I dream stuff like that everytime, don't wonder if I ever tell you about any dream I had :))*

Colorful dog, like the ones from my dream:))

By the way, I've drawn this last night:

The idea wasn't mine, I've seen a picture on weheartit and I drew the same dresses.
Do you like it?

And yeah, I think drawing is one of my new hobbies :)), I didn't really draw anything before, but now I do that when I'm bored.

As I told you a few minutes ago, I've been out with my mom and my dog, Galus. Galus totally enjoyed the walk and played with a stick :)). I've recorded her with my mom's phone (because I don't have any free space on mine and I'm too lazy to delete things), but I can't upload the video here right now. :'(

Everything I told you above was more like "Off Topic". I know this is a fashion blog, so let's talk about something else.

Right now, I'm writing for you, but these days I've been leafing through the C1 Oriflame catalogue and I've been chosing my favorites from this month. 
There are LOTS of awesome things. And LOTS of sales, because it's the first catalogue of this year.

These lovely nail polishes are at half price and I love their color: nude pink and mint <3
My best friend, Helga, ordered the nude pink one, and maybe I'll get(even if not now) the mint one.

Honestly, I'd like to buy the Pure Skin shower gel because it's on half price, not like the other two...But I'm thinking what to choose between a nail polish remover and this. I think the shower gel will win :)).

This lovely sort-of pillow looks so cute and it has more than -50% sale. But I don't have what to do with it so I'll just keep it for others :)) 

P.S: I've ordered some Avon stuff from a girl in my class and they're coming this week, I guess. I'll get three things (well, actually 5, but still 3 things) and I can't wait to show you, I'm so excited <3. Too bad I can't show you just two of them, the third one only after Valentine's Day :)).

Ok, I know this ain't a beauty product or something, but I think this would look lovely in my kitchen. And it's kinda cheap, I mean, it's still a bread toaster :)).

The skin cleaner products also have good sales, too bad I don't need any of them right now :'(.

That's the nail polish remover I've been talking about. Well, I still think I'll get the shower gel because I want it more :)). And I'll hopefully get the 'The ONE' nail base & top coat next month, cause it will be so cheap if I get a nail polish,too :)).

Make up brushes are definitely on my wishlist, but I don't know what to say about these ones. I mean, I would get them separated, not in a set, even if it will be more expensive. Because, if I get them like that, I can choose between millions of brushes the ones I find the best.

Now that's what I call a good offer: you can get a perfume, a hand cream and a shower gel at less than half price!

VeryMe products were always my obsession. I know this kind of lipgloss sucks, and I agree, but I keep buying them every time a new one appears :))

I would get that skin glow cream if I'd be left without skin foundation..:))

These cute bag-size perfumes are awesome!

This hairspray will be mine as soon as I order the products. Can't wait!

This cream-blush is awesome. If you want it, hurry up, there are only a few left!

This antibacterian hand gel is finally on stock. Don't avoid it, because it ain't always ready to order!

Well, these were the best products from the C1 Oriflame Catalogue (in my opinion).
I'll order this week and I can't wait to get them ! <3

P.S: I don't know what happened to my counter. I've got another one (a new one) as you can see on the bottom of the page. The old one shows only the total visits of the blog; the new one shows the latest visitors and the total pageviews/day. I don't know which of them works better.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a nice day!

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