Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last day of 2014

Happy New Year!

Enjoy the last day of this amazing year. 
It wasn't the best year, but, after all, if I have to "look back", it was actually a good year.

I've made a little "look-back" from this year, and I'd like to share it with you:

Best moments of January

the 4th of January 2014, first day with my dog, Galus
Cute day with my boyfriend & my dog
Best moments of February

the 14th of February 2014, after my first Valentine's Day spent with my love
Best moments of March

Picking flowers
Feeling childish & playing lego with Alecs

Best moments of April

the 10th of April 2014, when my bf proposed me <3
12-13th of April, at my 'confirmation' (in Hungarian, we call it 'konfirmalas')

Easter 2014, my two kind of Easter eggs *laughs*
Album pictures, 8th grade
Best moments of May

Yeah, maybe chickens are not my best friends :)) 

Best moments of June

3rd of June, 1 year relationship anniversary 
Our 1 year anniversary cake
Last days of the 8th grade, me with some girls from my previous class
Last days of the 8th grade, class decorations
Prom night in the 8th grade, the girls with the class master
Prom night; releasing lampions with my best friend, Helga
After exams; waiting for the results
Best moments of July

Funny day at the Mall
Best moments of August

August 2014, at the seaside in Greece
Relaxing & tanning
P.S: Someday I'll post more pictures & details from & about my holiday in Greece!


Best moments of September

School started
This day; when I finally succeeded to make my hair like this

And also a picture from a funny contest. On the pic: me with Helga, and yes, we have drawn storks on our cheeks

Best moments of October 2014

Recording "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" with Alecs

Check it out:

Preparing for the ball
Just an usual "Shopping Saturday"

Best moments of November

My stuff for Halloween

One of the best days of 2014; when I got my awesome awesome new PC 
Alecs's cute little turtle (7.11.2014)

Best moments of December

Cute personalized cookies
Christmas Eve 2014
Galus dressed as Girl-Santa dog
Christmas 2014 presents
My look for the New Year's Eve

Well, this was my "look-back" for 2014. I'm gonna miss this year...But I've got big expectations for 2015, too. I hope you had a great year and you'll have fun tonight. 


Before I say goodbye. Here's my advice for you tonight: 

May the new sun of the new year bring lots of happiness and joy to you and your loved ones!


See you next year darlings!

"Cause baby, you're a firework..."


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