Thursday, January 1, 2015

Awesome things I've got in 2014

Hello everyone!
I'm going to show you some awesome stuff I got this year. I mean last year, cause it's 2015 now. 
Let's start!

1) These Victoria's Secret products

From left to right: 
  • the "Mango Temptation" body spray
  • the "Love Spell" hand and body cream
  • the "Coconut Passion" body lotion

2) This cute blouse from Terranova

3) This cute t-shirt and this lovely phonecase from H&M

4) These orange & yellow feather earrings from Greece

5) These lovely ballerina shoes

6) These colorful nail decorations <3

7) This cute green Chantal jacket & skirt

8) The Comics legggings from New Yorker

9) These Giuseppe Zanotti-inspired white sneakers with golden skulls

10) This awesome clutchbag

11) These mint sunglasses from H&M which match perfectly with my mint swimsuit from New Yorker

12) These Razer Kraken Neon Purple headphones

13) This cute Hello Kitty phonecase from H&M (btw this is also my favorite phonecase)

14) This O.P.I yellow nail polish

15) These pink socks with a cat head from H&M

16) This make up palette, which contains 120 eyeshadow colors

17) This neon orange clutchbag

18) These Baby Lips lipsticks

From left to right:
  • "Peach Kiss"
  • "Hydrate"
  • "Intense Care"
  • "Cherry Me"

And this, the "Pink Punch".

19) This Alexander McQueen-inspired royal blue clutchbag

20) This pink shopping list & pen set with Audrey Hepburn 

21) This elephant bracelet

22) This pair of yellow jeans from Bershka

23) This hat and these necklaces

24) This lime yellow skirt from Bershka

25) This pink OBEY fullcap

26) The Coco Chanel, "Mademoiselle" perfume

27) A Creeper plush toy

28) This "LOVE" pink photoframe (which I actually got a little bit earlier), this heart-shaped mirror and this "Love" decoration thingie

29) This red "skater skirt" from Terranova

30) The "Cookies" T-Shirt from diva-charms

31) These cute little rings from H&M

32) This Santa dress for my dog

33) These pink & blue UGG's

34) This cute mirror with Audrey Hepburn (and in the background, my pink pillow from my boyfriend)

35) A Pinkie Pie plush toy 

36) This necklace with nerd glasses (and btw, I'm also wearing one of my favorite blouses)

37) This "I" charm for my Pandora bracelet (+my Pandora bracelet)

38) This body chain from Exclusives (and one of my cute summer-dresses from Terranova)

39) This set from essence which contains the "Lash Princess" mascara and an eyeliner pen

40) My cute schoolbag with owls, from Greece (sorry for the bad quality of this photo)

41) These cute kitten "socks" from H&M (and my super comfortable pink jogging pants from New Yorker)

42) These cute sharkie earrings from Claire's

43) Well this ain't actually a "thing", but I've made a pink dread in my hair and I still have it & love it

44) This christmassy soap from Oriflame

45) A pink iPod Shuffle

46) This Santa hat

47) These pink Christmas tree ornaments

48) This dress with daisies (and the yellow bolero from Terranova

P.S: Don't forget what I said previously about the post & photos from my holiday in Greece, it's coming soon!

49) This YSL T-Shirt

50) This cute, colorful Mexton dress

Well that's it for today.
Sorry for using some pictures which I've been already used, but some of "the most awesome things I've got this year" were also between my Christmas presents.
Also, sorry for posting so many tops, but I haven't got any better idea. I promise to post more 'texts' soon. 
I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!

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