Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015's Shopping List

Top 50 things to buy in 2015

As I've promised earlier, here's my "Top 50 things to buy in 2015". Let's start!

1) A golden watch

2) A pair of Nike Running Shoes

3) This kind of Chanel pillows:

4) A cute swimsuit, like this one:

5) A pair of high heel ankle boots

6) Panties from Victoria's Secret

7) This fullcap:

8) These Chiara Ferragni shoes:

9) These shoes <3:

10) A red & a pink YSL lipstick

11) My own make up table

12) A "Victoria's Secret Angels" pink robe

13) A pair of white skates

14) Make up brushes in all kinds & sizes 

15)  A PINK Victoria's Secret phonecase

16) A pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (black)

17) A black & a golden jumpsuit with sequins

18) The Vera Wang "Princess" perfume

19) A Moschino belt (or kind of) 

20) A pair of neon pink Converse shoes

21) All of the Disney movies

"You're never too old for a Disney movie..."

22) This kind of Moschino bag:

23) Some blue high heels which match with my Alexander McQueen-inspired clutchbag:

24) Some cute Nike shorts for workout

25) A Louis Vuitton bag

26) A pink PS3 controller

27) A cute watch with flowers

28) All Maybelline New York mascaras

29) This kind of shorts:

30) A bag like this <3 (pink one):

31) A pair of black sandals with buttons

32) "Fashion" books

33) A pair of earrings like this:

34) MINX 

35) A pair of sparkly high heels

36) Different eos lipbalms

37) More colors of O.P.I nail polish; except red and yellow (owned) 

38) A pair of mint Converse shoes

39) Heart-shaped bronzing pearls

40) An Iphone 5S Gold

41) Jeffrey Campbell-inspired ankle boots with spikes

42) A cute yellow dress, like this one:

43) A pink boa

44) This pair of burgundy fringe boots:

45) A pair of yellow high heels

46) This VANS phonecase:

47) Long hair extensions

48) A diamond ring 

49) A black top with spikes

50) A TRIANGL swimsuit (not necessarily this one)

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it!

See you tomorrow, with a short "Happy New Year!" post.