Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day | Dating Places


Dating Places

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I got home late and I was too tired to write.
Here's the 'Dating Places' post I've been talking about on Friday + something I've didn't tell you about: outfit ideas for every place!
Let's start!

The cinema

Recommended movies: romance or comedy
Avoid: action movies, because they're boring (for girls) and horror movies, because it's supposed to be a romantic date, so scaring your girlfriend shouldn't be on the 'To Do' list.

This could be a cute & comfy outfit for a date at the cinema, especially if the cinema is inside of a mall or something like that (cause else, you'd be cold in a skirt and tights). :))

The rink

I know that not everybody knows how to ride on ice skates ... but if at least one of you knows how to do it, he/she can teach his/her pair, too. I personally think that would be really cute (too bad I can't do that neither) :'( :)).

Well, may this outfit look good, but it ain't that 'practic', because, if you fall, you'll get more hurt dressed like this (unlike with other kind of pants, for example).

The beach

If you live in a country when there's no snow ( <3), and if you live nearly to the seaside, of course. Too bad I'm not that lucky :'(.

This dress would be perfect! <3 And of course, some shoes & accessories that match with it.

Paris <3

If you're french (or just rich :)) ), you must go there.  It ain't called 'the city of love' reasonless.

The blouse and the bag are definitely the 'key-pieces' of this outfit.
A pink dress ain't necessary for a romantic look. This would be good, too! :)

A chalet in the mountains

...would be perfect!

The only 'bad thing' about this kind of place is that you can't dress I don't know how pretty.
But, whatever, you go there to have fun, not to look perfect! ;)

Another places/activity ideas:

A pool like this <3 (of course, if you live in a big city)

And something like this would be unforgetable <3
Well, of course, if you don't want anything 'special', you can stay at home & do something together (watch a movie, order food, etc). These were just ideas for the people who'd like to go somewhere. 

Off Topic

Happy Birthday to my lovely grandma!
She turned 70 yesterday, and today we're going to celebrate her birthday with my family!

As I've told you on Friday, yesterday I've been to Cluj (both Iulius and Polus), but I didn't find my fur vest :'(.

I've got a pink knitted jumper from H&M:

...Actually, Alecs saw this one for me and I got in love with it <3

I also got an orange knitted blouse  and a white lace skirt, both from Terranova. <3
I'm too lazy to put them on & take pics right now, so I'll show you them some other day.

Say 'Hello' to February! <3 

P.S: Don't forget to check this month's Cosmo - for more Valentine's Day ideas!

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it! :)

See you soon!


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