Monday, February 2, 2015

Short Post | Valentine's Day Manicure and Hairstyle Ideas

Manicure & hairstyle ideas
for Valentine's Day <3

Hello everyone!

This is the last 'Valentine's Day' post. It's going to be a short post, but here are some hairstyle & manicure ideas for you, for the 14th of February.

Let's start!



I'd really like to dye my hair like this (but I can't, cause I'm brunette, so I'd have to discolor it first and I don't wanna do that).
But, if you're blonde, I think this is a lovely hairstyle-idea (especially for curly/wavy hair <3).

How to make your hair like this:

1) Dye your hair's peaks with a pink hair-dye (for example, Cotton Candy Pink by Manic Panic)

P.S: The colour actually ain't as it looks like on the bottle (I mean it's not that kind of neon pink).

Visit their website for more details:

2) Curl your hair (with a hair styler, hair curlers, aluminium foils & hair straightener, etc).

3) Enjoy! :)


This is the kind of hairstyle I'd like to make myself for Valentine's Day (and I think I'll also make a hair tutorial video soon)!

How to make your hair like this?
It's easy!
Just curl your hair (there are so many methods, see a few lines above) & use some hair foam to fix the curls.


*personal pic*

Another cute & girlish hairstyle would be this one.
 It actually ain't that hard to do. Maybe at the beginning. But it's not as difficult as it seems! :))

Watch the tutorial video here.

*It's the one I've watched when I learned how to make my hair like this :))*

Manicure ideas




The third one is the easiest to do, I guess all of you agree...But the first one is too perfect <3 !

Well that's it for today. I know I was supposed to post a few hours earlier but I've been staying without light for one and a half hour :'(.

See you soon!

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