Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spring Nails

Spring Nails

Hello everyone!
Sorry for posting at this time but I've been playing Minecraft all day long :)).
Today's topic is 'Spring Nails' (even if it ain't spring yet). We have to be ready! <3
I've created a set with nail polishes (see above) on Polyvore, and I think these colors are the best for this season. 

Focus on:
pastel colors (mint, pastel pink, pastel green, etc) 
- if you'd like something more colorful, choose pink, grapefruit orange, turqoise, or light purple

- neon colors & keep them for the summer! <3

Mint nails
Pink nails
Light blue nails
Light purple nails
Orange nails

That's it for the 'Spring Nails' topic. I hope you enjoyed it! <3

This is a lovely ballerina pink nail polish, if you prefer a 'natural' look. <3

P.S: If you like Dubstep, you must listen to this song! <3

Song name: Spag Heedy - Love on First Sine

See you soon!

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