Monday, January 5, 2015

Summer 2014

Holiday in Kassandra, Halkidiki, Greece
~part 1~

As I promised a few days ago, here's the post about my holiday in Greece, from August 2014.
I'll show you all the pics I took, but not at the same time. Here's the first part, including the first two (or actually, one and a half) days.

Sunday night - Bulgaria & Day 1 - Greece

Sunday night, Bulgaria

We've actually spent the previous night in a small motel from Bulgaria, and I've took some pictures in the mirror while talking with my boyfriend (and yes, I was sitting on a chair on the hallway because the internet connection was better there :)) )


-Tropical jumpsuit from Terranova
-Pink knitted summer boots
-Colorful owl necklace from Art Decor
-Pink bracelets from Art Decor
-Floral print phonecase from H&M

Me, waiting to arrive

This was the first pic I've took on the seaside (I mean, first pic this year). We have just arrived and I was so tired, and couldn't wait to take a bath.


-Neon pink sunglasses from New Yorker
-Colorful owl necklace from Art Decor
-T-Shirt from New Yorker
-Black belt from New Yorker
-Pink skirt from New Yorker

Some pics I've took while I was so bored: 

Palm tree, I took this pic from the car
This one, too
And also this one, idk, some stuff on the road :)) 

My awesome kid bracelet from the hotel

And ...
I got these awesome Plants vs. Zombies stickers from a store, for my bf:

That's it for now, but part 2 is coming soon!
I hope you enjoyed it. 

See you next time!

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