Saturday, January 3, 2015

Special Post

Happy Birthday,

The story

Last year, on the 4th of January 2014, my dad took me to his job, but he didn't tell me why. When we arrived , I saw a little dog in the parking. He stopped the car and I got out. What happened was love at first sight: I caught the dog in my arms and didn't let her go. Then, my dad told me that there were two more dogs, and I can choose the one I'd like to keep. Of course, I would have kept them all, but I couldn't, so I choosed the one I've seen first. 
She was so adorable, because she was so small and a little bit fat, and she looked at me with her lovely eyes, I've just couldn't leave her there
We went home with her and we bought her a bed, two bowls, for water and food, some toys, and every single thing a baby dog needs.
My parents called her 'Fufy' , but after some time, I started calling her 'Galus', and now, my whole family calls her like that. 

I'll show you some pics with her, both old and new:

Our first pic together, the 4th of January 2014
Little Galus #1
Little Galus #2
After her first bath

Galus playing with my slippers
Galus wants to go to school
Little Galus chewing my fingers & hand

Galus on the table
Me & Galus watching a horror movie
Funny Galus <3
Galus brushing her teeth
Good morning, Galus
Galus sleeping
Cute Galus
Galus after bath
Galus on the 4th of July 2014
Galus, after destroying my slippers
Sleeping Beauty
Little princess sleeping
Galus sick :(
Galus dressed as Santa

By the way... 

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Galus on Insta:  @lady_fufy

I know that the 4th of January is only tomorrow, but I had to post this today because tomorrow I have so much homework to do,cause school starts on Monday.
I hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to wish a very very "Happy Birthday!" to my little princess, Galus <3. 

See you on Monday!

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