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Hello everyone !


ABOUT the girl who posts 

fashionista (noun)

" a term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends. "

" I don't do fashion. I am fashion. "
-Coco Chanel

My name is Irma.
I'm a schoolgirl in the 9th grade, a fashion-lover, a blogger. I was born on the 19th of July 1999, in Dej, Romania. Shopping, taking pictures and travelling are my favorites. Fashion, my old passion developed trough the years and now my only wish is to share it with everyone. 

                                                                                            is everything.

ABOUT  the blog
Fashion Is Passion

"We must NEVER confuse elegance with snobbery."
                                                                                            -Yves Saint Laurent

Indeed ! 

Elegance doesn't mean snobbery. Elegance means grace in appearance, movement, or behaviour. But most of all, elegance means good taste in design, style and arrangement. As our over-appreciated fashion icon, Coco Chanel said: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." . Because elegance isn't based on quantity. It's based on quality.

 This blog is about fashion and makeup, but most of all, it's about stylelife and love.

 Life means happiness and sadness, laughs and tears, love and disappointment, and so much more. Fashion and style are just a small part of this huge "thing" we call life
...That's why this blog is about life,too.


My passion for fashion started 5 years ago, when I was 10 years old . That's when I started spending my money on clothes beside of anything else. But, of course, my taste in clothing has changed a lot since then. 
I'm an open-minded, friendly person, but, as any human being, I have my own flaws. 
I always wanted to become a fashion blogger, but it took me some time to start a blog. But now here I am, writing my first post. I'd like to share my passion for fashion with everyone, trough pictures, videos and posts. I accept any kind of advice, because I'm a beginner and I've never done something like this before. 
I know that this is a short article, but it's a kind of "intro" for my blog; like a short presentation. But I promise to post more articles soon.

See you soon!

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