Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick Post !

Hello everyone!
Here's another (short) post cause I'd like to show you a few things. <3

Look how cute is Galus <3
I have started reading Mockingjay <3 and today I have watched the 'Catching Fire' movie. <3
Yesterday I've made my nails like this <3
Nail Polish: The ONE (Ballerina Pink) from Oriflame; and a cute little pearl on my nail <3

I've got these earrings today from Art Decor, my favorite jewerly/accessory store. <3 

I have started watching The Walking Dead with Alecs and it's an amazing TV show ! 
Right now, I'm left at Season 2, Episode 5.

And that's why I wanted to play Dying Light
*Well, I've already known about the game since last year cause I've been watching gameplay trailers on YouTube with my boyfriend, but then, it wasn't released yet.*

And look what kind of T-shirt have I found on WeHeartIt:

*totally me*

I have also created a 'Phone Wallpapers' collection on WeHeartIt, where I'll keep all the backgrounds I like.

Check it out!

And, if you're bored, download the 'Crossy Road' game on your phone. 
It's so entertaining, I've already hot 27 characters and lots of doubles xD

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon!

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