Monday, March 2, 2015

Dress Up Your Phone

Cute cases
for cute phones

Hello everyone!
Today we're going to dress up our phones, because they deserve it!
I'll show you the cutest phonecases and you can choose which one you like the most. Then, I'm going to post pics of my own ones, so you can tell me your opinion. :)
Let's start!

This French Fries phonecase from Moschino is so adorable!
First time I saw it I didn't liked it that much, but now I do!

This one looks cool, too, even if it ain't between my favorites.

These Stitch phonecases are so cute! 

This kind of Chanel phonecases got my attention since they first came out. That's why I got my own.

This gun-phonecase would have looked better in black, but the idea is good. :)

I have always wanted a Victoria's Secret phonecase, and if you're not into the 'very special' phonecases, this kind is good for you! Simple, but amazing!

This watermelon phonecase by Victoria's Secret reminds me of summer so badly. :'( But I love the way it looks like!

This cute, girlish ice cream phonecase is perfect for the hot summer days!

You know how these look like on your phone, right? I don't think that I have to explain, especially because it's obvious that they are made for iPhones.

These bunny phonecases also got my attention since the first time I saw one.

This kind of phonecases are must haves for the summer season.
 Don't you agree?

Aww, reindeer phonecases!
This would be a perfect gift for you & your BFF (or sister) next Christmas!

Hahah, these look adorable! And they're VS <3

This phonecase is good for you if you love Victoria's Secret and if you're not a fangirl of over-decorated phonecases.

Am I the only one who likes these? The last one is my favorite!
Which one is yours?

Aww, this deserves a special place on this list. I think it just got on my Wishlist, too. Ain't it just too cute to be real? <3

Starbucks phonecases? Yeah, they're OK!

Already got the shoes, just need the phonecase. I don't know why, but I have always liked these.

My phone's wardrobe

iPhone 4

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 phonecase from H&M
Pink bunny iPhone 4 phonecase from H&M
Sparkly, orange iPhone 4 phonecase from Accessorize
Le Vernis iPhone 4 phonecase from Chanel (503 Frisson)
Floral print iPhone 4 phonecase from H&M
Neon green iPhone 4 phonecase from C&A

I also had a basic pink silicon phonecase (which I have no idea where it is) and a basic, semi-transparent purple phonecase (which is at my boyfriend now), both from New Yorker.

iPhone 5

As I have told you a few days ago, I have only two iPhone 5 phonecases because I've got them accidentally, thinking they were for 4. But now they're good for me, cause I've got a 5C.

Fox iPhone 5 phonecase from H&M
Pink iPhone 5 phonecase from a random store in my town

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it!

By the way:

Happy Martisor girls! :*
(sorry for not telling you yesterday, but I had a huge tooth ache all day)


This is what I've got from my boyfriend.
Aren't these cute? <3

My & mom's flowers from daddy <3.

See you soon!

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