Monday, January 19, 2015

Makeup Must Haves

Hello everyone!
I thought about creating a logo for the blog.
Well, actually not 'logo', just a personalised pic which could represent it everywhere (on Facebook, Insragram etc.), so I won't use a picture from the internet & simply just write the blog's name on it. I already have an idea about how should it look like, and I tried to make it in Photoshop, but yeah, I'm not the most pacient person who ever set foot on Earth, so ... I'll make it when I won't have anything better to do :)).

Today's topic is: Make up products that every girl needs!

#Make Up Base

Make up base, just like skin foundation, helps us to cover any beauty mistakes (blemishes, pimples etc.), and also equals our skin tone.
If you don't have beauty mistakes, you don't have to use neither make up base, neither skin foundation. I know it sounds stupid from me cause I give you an advice about not using skin foundation if you don't have to and I still use it even if my skin doesn't need it. But, your skin actually remains nice for a longer time if you don't start using it.
However, it's good to have a make up base, just in case (or if you're like me and use it even if you don't need to :)) ).
P.S: I'm waiting for a skin foundation by VeryMe to appear in an Oriflame catalogue so I can finally get one.

#Skin foundation

As I've told you before, if your skin doesn't need to, you're not supposed to use skin foundation, but it's good to have one, just in case.
Be careful when you choose the shade.
For example, I've got once a skin foundation from Farmasi and it was too light for my skin and I looked like a ghost when I've applied it, so I used (and use) it as a make up base, before applying my smoothie foundation from VeryMe.

#A makeup palette

It ain't actually a must have, but I find it better to get once a make up palette which contains a lot of shades & colors, than to spend money on every single eyeshadow color you want.

These are mine:

This one contains 120 different eyeshadow colors;

And this one, by elf, which contains only the 'basic' colors (nude,brown,black etc.).

#A black eyeliner pen

Because it's almost the most common make up product.
These days, I was talking with my best friend, Helga, about eyeliners compared to eye crayons. And we both chosed eyeliners, because honestly, I find them better & easier to use than eye crayons. And they also look better.


I said eyeliner is almost the most common make up product...Because the most common one is the mascara. I think every girl owns at least one, and uses it everyday.
Of course I've got lots of mascaras, from different brands (Avon,Oriflame,Yves Rocher,Essence etc.), but the best one I ever used is the Lash Princess mascara by essence (yes, I know I've told you 100 times, but I still use it because it ain't empty yet :)) ).

My mascara + eyeliner pen, both from essence. And my skin foundation (VeryMe, Ivory) in the background + the 'Girlfriend' fragrance by Justin Bieber, from Sephora.

P.S: Soon, I'll start buying mascaras made by Maybelline New York (as soon as this one will get empty). Can't wait!

(pink,if possible)

Why? Because pink cheeks look absolutely adorable.

Mine: Very Me Cherry My Cheeks - Pink

Lots of.

You already know about my addiction for Baby Lips
I would literally buy them all, if I could.
Of course, I use them more at school & at home, because, when I go somewhere else, I use pink lipgloss or red lipstick.

Best pink lipgloss I own: Long Lasting Lipgloss - 118 Sweet Dance by Miss Sporty
Get it here.
P.S: it's actually a more intense pink than it looks like in the pic.

Best red lipstick I own(and also the only one,haha): The ONE Maffashion's Rouge 31843-1

You gotta know that I'm a lipstick&lipcare stuff addicted person so I own a lot of lipsticks, lipglosses and all that.

Can't wait to get more Baby Lips & eos lipbalms (as soon as I find some) :'(

#MakeUp Brushes

Well, these are actually make up tools, not products. But you definitely need them if you use eyeshadow or blush.

I've also got some, but only a few. As soon as I'll buy more, I'll show you. <3

Actually, that's it for today.I hope you enjoyed it!

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